Welcome Note

Juja Preparatory School (JPS) is a medium-cost, private, and co-educational primary school, which offers the Kenyan national curriculum of education. We encourage and support our pupils’ academic pursuits and provide a practical framework that nurtures their competencies based on their abilities and talents. We continue to shine in academics and co-curricular activities raising well-rounded children who are prepared to contribute to our society.
Since 1997, JPS has been a home to hundreds of young eager minds driven by the quest for excellence and a desire to acquire the skills, attitudes and values necessary to contribute to the world and make it a better place.
Similarly, hundreds of parents have entrusted us with their children and have provided a strong support system in advancing their children’s academic and personal aspirations.
We welcome you to be part of our family.


We are delighted and honored that you are considering Juja Preparatory School for your child’s primary education. We look forward to working with you through a closer partnership that will help your child achieve the best transformative education.
At Juja Preparatory School, we accept admissions throughout the year, subject to the pupil passing our school’s assessment. Please click the button below to fill the form and place your inquiry and we will get back to you.
Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us on: +254 724 256 050 or +254 735 826 204


Juja Preparatory School offers the Kenyan national system of education: 8-8-4 curriculum and the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). Since 1997, we have nurtured the development of our children preparing them to pursue their aspirations.
Through our committed team of teachers, we use up-to-date resources from the Kenya Institute of Education to teach our pupils the curriculum while addressing the learning needs of individual pupils. At the beginning of every term, assessment methods are outlined through schemes of work and course outlines. Every term, 3 major assessments are administered, with exams sourced from within or outside the school. Pupil’s performance is recorded in a report book and parents are encouraged to regularly discuss these outcomes at class meetings or consultation forums.
To provide a robust learning experience, we have incorporated relevant and emerging social issues into our curriculum, examples of these include: environmental conservation, health concerns such as drug abuse, gender issues, human rights, child rights, and social responsibility. Similarly, our Life Skills syllabus has incorporated a thematic approach to teaching various social and moral skills. These themes are derived from situations that pupils are likely to experience every day.
At Juja Preparatory School, we inspire and stimulate our pupils to excel in academics, develop their individual talents, and nurture their spirituality creating well-rounded pupils.
process Events Outside the Classroom

Learning Resources

At Juja Preparatory School we provide our pupils with a resourceful environment that is conducive for learning and where they can thrive and develop.
Computer Lab
We expose our pupils to technology and teach them computer skills to equip them to succeed in a competitive technological world. Similarly, our classrooms are Smart Labs with technology incorporated into the instruction of lessons.
Science Lab
Our pupils complete their science practicals in a fully equipped science lab which complements the science curriculum. The Lab provides the opportunities for pupils to learn how to safely handle laboratory equipment under the close supervision of their teacher. It also provides the opportunity to expand STEM learning encouraging our pupils to explore these subjects.
Leaders are readers! In this spirit, we promote reading and research culture and challenge our pupils to be inquisitive. We house materials for both educational and recreational reading to expand the imagination of our pupils. We also celebrate reading by organizing special activities like Library Day. This annual event aims at highlighting literary works and renowned authors


For over two decades, Juja Preparatory has been that one institution that has always nurtured the talents, skills and abilities of its learners in performing arts. It has seen the incessant birth and growth of budding talents who are now making a name in the entertainment ambitions.
Undoubtedly, Juja Preparatory school is the epitome of music and drama with proof of the myriad times the yearly troupes have featured in the Kenya School and Colleges Music and Drama Festivals respectively, and even beyond the borders to the the USA (Orlando – Florida) when they flew to showcase their national winning play of 2017 entitled – “Forgotten Brother ” that was confirmed by their star-studded winning masterpiece of 2018 entitled – “Back to my Roots” as the winning play at the Nationals, a bedazzling creation of the drama  troupe under the patronage of Madam Jacquelyne Atieno who was the script writer and director of the two consecutive winning plays at the Nationals.
Hence, we are an institution that will see to it that that poetical prowess and acting aptitude of your child has been moulded in perfection for an wholesome child into the society.
We also seek out to involve our pupils in activities that enlighten them on the plight of the less fortunate members of society and ways in which they can enrich the lives community members.
We believe that a child who is spiritually nurtured would be an ingredient if not an agent of change in the society.
This club was started for students to learn culinary skills. The students make the items and sell to fellow students. Through this club, many students decide to take the subject with the intention of pursuing their careers in future. This really motivates them and at the end, they perform well in their exams.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is of paramount importance at JPS as it addresses the spiritual and social morals that govern our society. Every term, the department chooses a compelling theme and explores this topic throughout the term through enriching content and dynamic delivery.
Our pupils lead and participate in weekly Christian devotion services on selected days during the week and every Sunday. We also involve our pupils in activities that enlighten them on the plight of the less fortunate members of society and ways in which they can enrich the lives of community members.
We believe that a child who is spiritually nurtured would be an ingredient if not an agent of change in the society.
Proverbs 16:17

Student Life

Our students experience vibrant student life filled with various activities.

Juja Sports Academy

We encourage our pupils to lead an active lifestyle to promote good health as well as teach our pupils a healthy, competitive spirit. We have expansive fields where our students can participate in various sporting activities.
Features of Juja Sports Academy include:
  • Football Field
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Astro Turf Field




We offer comfortable and safe boarding facilities for our students.



A professionally trained Registered Clinical Officer resides on the school compound.



We offer safe and reliable transportation to our Day Scholars.



We provide nutritious and balanced meals to our students.


2021 Term Dates

Below are some of our activities and events for the 2021 academic year
Sat 14th New Parents' Orientation Day
Fri 20th - 25thMid Term Exams
Thur 2th - Sun 29thMid Term Break
Sun 29thBoarders Report Back
Mon 30thDay Scholars Report
Fri 24th - Tue 28th (Sept)End of Term Exam
Fri 1stClosing Day
TERM 2 2021
Mon 11th OctReporting Back (Boarders)
Tue 12th OctReporting Back (Day Scholars)
Wed 13th - Fri 15th OctOpening Exams
Sat 23th OctNew Parents' Orientation Day
Mon 8th - Fri 10thMid Term Exams
Fri 12thConsultation Day STD 7 & Lower Primary
Fri 12th - Mon 15thWeekend Out
Fri 26thLibrary Day
Mon 13th – Wed 15thEnd of Year Assessment
Friday 17th Concert Day
School Closure
TERM 3 2021
Tue 4th JanReporting Back (Boarders)
Wed 5th JanReporting Back (Day Scholars)
Sat 15th JanNew Parents' Orientation
Mon 31st - Wed 2ndMid Term Exams

Our Gallery

Please feel free to visit us or for more information call us on 0724 256050 / 0735 826204 or send us an email at info@jujapreparatory.ac.ke